We offer longtime experience as promoter of sports and cultural events, as well as representing celebrities.  We are delighted to help you develop and implement concepts for sponsoring and will also help you looking for sponsor partners.

Sponsoring is not only a new and appealing form of but also belongs to the most aspiring forms of advertising.

Why (sport-)sponsoring?

  • Wide reaching platform
  • Brand positioning in a very emotional environment
  • Opportunity of positive image transfer
  • Addressing target audience without waste coverage
  • More exclusive brand presentation compared to classic advertising
  • Less peripheral advertising pressure
  • Facilitation of media synergies and communicative utilization
  • Possibility of hospitality offers and customer retention

Range of use

Sponsoring of clubs, organizers, leagues, federations, marketers, athletes, etc.

Business areas

  • Sport sponsoring
  • Sponsoring of cultural events
  • Social sponsoring
  • Science sponsoring