Soccer e|motion’s goal is to optimize the player’s career and also supervise them off the pitch. Markus Schopp, a former Austrian international, brings in his substantial experience, as does a whole network of specialists, whose knowledge helps us to advise and support our professional soccer players in all cicumstances.

Counsel and support of the soccer player

The career is planned conjoined and with an eye on the best athletic development. We give advice concerning the selection of the club, support the player during contract negotiations and take care of all legal issues. We also look after the new living environment while planning and executing a transfer. We are also happy to advice in business matters.

Management und marketing

Besides the acquisition and support of sponsors we also take care of an accurate appearance in front of the media and assume responsibility for press- and PR-support, as well as arranging for a website. Furthermore, we are happy to coordinate appointments satisfactory to all.

Further services for players

Complementing the services of the club we offer individual athletic and medical support through experts, as well as mental and press-coachings and nutritional consulting.